Prayer Update for May 2017

We are traveling to 7 different places – see our Calendar on the Prayer page – from Monday May 15th to June 27th when we return home to Adelaide, South Australia.

Prayer is foundational to our ministry, to any ministry for that matter, so we are extremely grateful to those who join with us in praying for the work we do, and for us. Thank you. We highly value you and your labour of love! We appreciate you so much! Feel free to write & give us any words or insights that you may have from God for us, or ask us any questions!

On this trip we are mostly teaching on YWAM bases. Pray for us as we teach Missions, Community Development and Heart Transformation in Tijuana, Mexico; Advocacy and Social Change in Kona, Hawaii; and Missions and Evangelism in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Of course we plug our book River People everywhere we go but we are especially excited to have an “Author’s Evening” in the Tompkin’s home (our editors) in Lindale, Texas. Josephine is also doing a Wellness for Women Seminar at Mercy Ships, also in Lindale, Texas.

Especially significant is that we are doing our first ever conferences on this trip. Our teaching, until now, has almost always been in a church or YWAM Training program. The conference/seminar format is a stand-alone event that is open to a wider and larger audience.

On Saturday June 10th Josephine is doing her first ever Women’s conference for Heart Transformation in Omaha, Nebraska. This is organized by the family behind the by Divine Truth Christian Store and the Sword of the Spirit Christian School.

Kent is also doing a conference organized by YWAM Orlando called Social Transformation: Navigating communities from need to social transformation. Students, staff and leaders from YWAM Orlando and YWAM bases from eastern USA will participate. The Social Transformation Seminar will introduce critical principles and issues related to transformation of individuals, communities and society.

Thank you for reading this update and for your prayer. We invite you to join our prayer team. The best way to receive our prayer update is by clicking the button. In the email message just ask to be part of our prayer team. Look forward to hearing from you.