River People


Slowly the boat pushed us forward, away from certain shipwreck, and gained the upper hand in its struggle against the surging current. The victory did not spark spontaneous celebration; rather, we spent the next moments in a trembling recovery.

Kent and Josephine, journeyed to an unfamiliar continent and set out to live on a riverboat deep in the jungle. With their four young children and ministry team, they served on the Purus River in the Amazon, bringing education, health care, and the love of God to remote communities. The result is an unforgettable story of sacrifice, adventure, and transformation.

“This is a page-turner. Set against the backdrop of the River People and the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rain forest, Kent and Josephine’s story is more than an adventure. . . . This is a guide to meaningful living for everybody.”
– John Dawson, president emeritus, Youth With A Mission

Kent and Josephine Truehl helped pioneer three ministry bases in the Brazilian Amazon. Today they travel internationally, teaching seminars on all aspects of Christian discipleship, missions, and development.

There are a few ways to purchase River People;
For people outside of Australia we suggest the following options.
Nook edition (e-book and paperback), Click Here
Kindle edition (e-book), Click Here
YWAM Publishing (ebook and paperback), Click Here

If you live in Australia you can purchase the paperback below, or purchase ebook editions as above or from your local bookstore (If they don't have River People in stock you can request it for no extra cost. Your interest may encourage them to carry it).



Besides our book now being used as a text in some YWAM training schools, during our tour many books were purchased by teens, young adults and men, as the adventure is particularly appealing to them. We have seen parents buying it to read to their children and grandparents buying it as a gift to their grandkids or for reaching out to others. We are very encouraged and ask you to pray too that God speaks to every person reading the book

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