You better believe it!

Meditation is one of the most important and transforming practices of our life.

It improves brain function, sleep, increases immunity, decreases stress and improves our metabolism.

Meditation enhances feelings of gratitude and compassion. We slow down and find an “in the moment connection” to the living God.

This practice of meditation will bring calm and significance to you all day.
In meditative states of awareness, we are awakened to our inner longings for eternal oneness with God.

We meditate that we might learn, with God’s grace, to see Gods perspective on all that we see. The word says we have the mind of Christ; the oneness of the divine through our connection with Our Father though His Son.The more we are transformed in compassion, the more we are impelled to act with compassion toward others.

Practice: I Love You, I Love You Meditation:

Your efforts in following the path of breath awareness might be enhanced by repeating a word or phrase with each breath.

As you inhale, listen to the incoming breath so intently that you can hear in it God’s silent “I love you.”

As you exhale, breathe out a silent “I love you” back to God. Simply sit, open to God breathing divine love into the depths of your being.

The purpose is to abide in love; you don’t need to control or micro manage anything. You can live, move and have your being in God.

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  • Step 1

    With a childlike spirit let go of everything you have heard about mediation.

  • Step 2

    Choose a really comfortable position.

  • Step 3

    Sense your connection to the earth and create space.

  • Step 4

    Befriend your breath and exhale slowly and completely.
    Rest at the end of the breath and then deeply inhale, slowly and steadily.
    Exhale into grace, and let go. Inhale and receive all that you need.
    Don’t force anything at all, just enjoy the loyal company of your breath and Gods presence.

  • Step 5

    Stretch and feel the spaciousness and freedom!

  • Step 6

    1) Intentionally become aware of……. the sounds around you. Be captured by the symphony of silence, or become curiously aware of shape and beauty around you. Or invite the Holy Spirit of love to move you. Watch, listen and feel how vibrant your experience can become. The more significance you give this moment the more this moment becomes significant. Enjoy this space for the next 2 minutes.If your mind wanders gently invite it back to the here and now through the breath, exhaling completely to surrender completely. Rest relax and let go!